Why you don’t get what you want the second you want it

How many times have you said something that you didn’t really mean? I remember in grade school I would PRAY to get sick so I didn’t have to go to school, but it would have totally sucked if I got sick because I wouldn’t be enjoying the day off at all. Have you ever told someone that you hate them and wish something bad would happen to them out of temporary anger? I have too. Luckily the Law of Attraction isn’t instant magic so there’s a buffer between when you first put out your intentions and when you get it.

This also goes for when you REALLY want something and it doesn’t come right away. It takes time! If someone wants to lose 20 pounds they can’t expect a week of working out and eating right to do the trick, it sure as heck didn’t take them a week to gain the weight. Staying in faith, having patience and doing things that point you in the direction of what you want are the keys to manifesting what you visualize in your mind. This also gives you time to change your mind because what you want right now might not be what you want tomorrow.

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