The Truth about Negative Beliefs

Raise your hand if you’ve ever caught yourself trying to predict the future by thinking or saying:

 “Well, I would _____ but I can’t because______.”


“I want to _____but I know that _____.”

Tell me something, how do you know that so and so will happen if it hasn’t happened yet?

Let me give you a better example of what I was super guilty of:

“I want to start a blog but I know that no one is going to see it, I’ll make no money and it’ll just be a waste of time.”

WHAT?! Because of this one belief (that made absolutely no sense btw), I made no moves to do something that I knew I could be super proud and passionate about. I invested $1000+ into courses, programs and seminars looking for my ticket to time and financial freedom. I basically refused to do what I learned because I had some deep-rooted negative beliefs. Silly, right? Sometimes we can’t see when the thing we have been searching for is right in front of our faces. I wanted so badly to do something that would get me excited to wake up every morning and give me the drive I needed to continue working on it every day.

I remember that the first online course I invested in told me to write down everything that I would enjoy doing even if I wasn’t getting paid for it. The first few things that popped into my mind was writing, giving advice, motivating others and travel. That basically screamed ‘Start a Blog’ to me, but instead of doing that I decided to try my hand at…drop shipping? Completely random I know, but I saw an ad on FB saying this guy made $40k+ per month and that sold the idea to me.  So, I stopped the course I was doing (you know, since that was all the info I needed), invested in that FB ad guys course, searched for ‘How to Make Millions from Dropshipping’ on google, skimmed through a couple of articles and YouTube videos, bought a $10 domain, signed up for Shopify, hired someone for $50 to make my website, added a bunch of random products, invested $100 in Facebook and Instagram ads and taadaa I was in business! I waited patiently for days and, predictably, I MADE NO SALES! I was super crushed and after a week of dabbling with the store, I gave up and that was that. On to the next! *facepalm*

If your gut is telling you to do something, don’t ignore it. I’ve started and given up on so many different business ideas, it’s hard to remember just how many I’ve tried. The good news is that I FINALLY decided to do what I loved and that’s blogging. I blew past my negative belief about it but that made another belief that I had no idea that I had appear: I can’t be a blogger because I have no extra time for it. I was basically saying that I had no time to follow my passion, no time to accomplish my dream, no time to truly invest in myself and get to where I wanted to be. I sure as heck had enough time to complain about my job, watch TV while eating takeout and laze around. I had to change my mindset, and I had to do it fast.

That’s when I started learning about the Law of Attraction, Manifestation and all the woo-woo things that have gotten me to where I am now: Happy, Positive and Motivated. There’s a very simple trick to knowing if a belief you have is serving you and that’s to pay attention to how it makes you feel. If something doesn’t seem right, makes you feel bad or drains you, you need to switch things up. Now instead of thinking “I want to start a blog but I know that no one is going to see it, I’ll make no money and it’ll just be a waste of time.” Or “I can’t be a blogger because I have no extra time for it.”, I think “I have all the time in the world to blog and not only does my blog provide me a full-time income but it brings me great joy and I’m so grateful that I have the resources necessary to do what I love.”. Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t made much from this blog (yet!!) but it’s important to act as if you already have something to rewire your subconscious. It takes things literally and it doesn’t know if what your saying is true or not (I’ll be diving deeper about this in another post). I can tell that I’m on the right path because for the first time I feel something deep within me telling me that Chasing Ikigai is what will bring me great success and I’m so excited about it!

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