The secret to smashing your goals

At the end of every year, most people make new year resolutions, but let’s be honest, how many do they complete by the end of the year? I didn’t make any this time around, instead, I wanted to be more intentional with what my goals would be for this year and think of them as lifestyle changes. In years past, I’d always make resolutions like “lose weight” or “make more money” but with me being so broad it’s no wonder why I never succeeded!

So how can you set goals that you’ll accomplish? First things first, decide what you want to do and slap a deadline on it. My biggest goal this year is to make enough of an income online to leave my corporate job by 06/2019. Having an approximate end date will make it so much easier to come up with a concrete plan. This, in turn, will make your goal much more probable of being accomplished.

Next, ask yourself what your overall intention is with your goal. Dig deep. How will this goal help you? What will it contribute to your life overall? How will accomplishing it affect your life 5 years from now? 10 years from now? Your goal can be as small as you wanting to sign up for a hot yoga class that you always see a sign for on your commute to work. Or it can be a bit bigger like going on a trip to Hawaii to do yoga on the beach amid a wellness retreat. The bigger and more impactful it is the more closely you should consider how it will fit with the overall direction of your life.

You also need to ask yourself if it’s something that you really want or if it’s something that you just think you want. Big goals come with big consequences, which means you must be willing to suffer some sacrifices if it means you’ll get to where you want to be. Working to complete your goal may mean that it will compete with or take away some of your time and change your routine. Will it be worth possible long nights? Less time with your family? No more going out with friends after work? Saying yes to one thing means saying no to others.

Consider if you have the right tools to accomplish your goal. If you want to go back to college to fulfill your dream of becoming a nurse, do you have the support needed to do so? If you have kids, who will watch them while you’re in class? Can you handle working full-time while going to school? Or does your spouse/significant other have the means to hold down the fort while you finish your degree?

Looking back at what your goals were in previous years and figuring out why you did or did not achieve them will help you become more successful at accomplishing future goals. Learn from your past! It’s totally okay to not suddenly be a goal crushing wizard. If you think your goals are too big you don’t have to force yourself to complete them in a year (or sooner)! You can make starting a successful company and becoming a millionaire into a 5 or 10-year goal instead. Don’t try to compete with others either. Everyone is at a different spot in their life and you need to focus on yourself. I know it’s hard not to compare yourself with that Instagram model who’s the same age as you with the mansion and yacht. You have no idea how she got to where she is or the story behind it. Only do that you resonate with!

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