How I Manifested the Best Relationship I’ve Ever Had

Well hello there (:

I wanted to be very open with all of you about certain things that have shaped me into the person I am today. To do that, I’m going to be a little vulnerable with this post and give you a glimpse into my past.

I had such a hard time developing meaningful and love-filled relationships. In the beginning, I struggled with my image, especially when I thought I was the opposite of beautiful. I started pretending to be someone I wasn’t, I basically “cat-fished” men and wasted a lot of time (please don’t do this) because it’s impossible to build a relationship on a foundation of lies.

Soon, I started accepting myself and learned to love me as I am. This lead to me meeting people in real life and though things started out amazing, they ended terribly (think getting ghosted by a guy who you dated for 5+ months to being used repeatedly).

Eventually, I got sick and tired of it and decided that I was worth so much more. I stopped settling for the first guy to pay me a compliment and decided the next guy I dated seriously would be soulmate potential.  At the time, the Law of Attraction wasn’t even on my radar but little did I know that I was manifesting my perfect partner. I decided to try my luck online again because I was so shy back then and had 0 confidence in myself, but this time I wanted to be my full authentic self. As time went on I began loving myself more and more, I truly believed that I was amazing and the right guy would see that too.

I had very specific qualities and criteria I was looking for in a man. I lived in my hometown all my life and thought I knew everyone. Until Steve messaged me. He was 2 blocks away, Hungarian, with long, curly hair and he was just my type. The sad part is that I almost ruined it. I just couldn’t believe that he could fall for someone like me, so I started subconsciously sabotaging our relationship. Fortunately, we worked through all of that. He knew what was wrong and helped me through it.

We were destined to meet, I don’t think any other guy would have put up with what he did. Things have calmed down a lot more now. He brings me so much happiness and love, bringing me up when I’m down, constantly reminding me that he’s with me because he truly loves me. I feel so blessed to have him in my life, and though we’ve only been together for 5 years, there’s so many more to come!

If you’re worried about ever finding your perfect match, you just have to get clear about the person you’re looking for. Also, be open to the fact that your twin flame might end up being the last person you expect! The universe works in mysterious ways and to get the best you must learn to go with the flow. Don’t worry, stop searching and trust your intuition.

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