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  • The Truth about Negative Beliefs

    Raise your hand if you’ve ever caught yourself trying to predict the future by thinking or saying:  “Well, I would _____ but I can’t because______.” Or “I want to _____but I know that _____.” Tell me something, how do you know that so and so will happen if it hasn’t happened yet? Let me give […]

  • My Top 5 Favorite Podcasts

    Every day on my commute to and from work instead of playing music, I’ll either listen to an audiobook (click here to see my favorites) or I’ll listen to a podcast. Not everything I listen to has to do with LOA, I also listen to people who talk about travel and starting location independent businesses. […]

  • Best Books I’ve Read in the Past Year

    I’ve always had an interest in books but it wasn’t until this past year that I really started reading almost every day. Since I’m currently on this self-discovery journey, I’ve been leaning more towards books about ‘self-help’. Hear me out for a sec…I use to avoid the self-help section of the book store! I thought […]